Lost Mine of Phandelver, Session 5

Lost Mine of Phandelver

The 26th of the Melting, the Year of the Grinning Halfling

Cast of Characters

Name Level Played by XP
Madislak 2 Tristan
Dawn Maryona 2 Aurora
Euphemia Hiddenstream 2 Sarah
“Nameless” 2 Kent
Droop   Sarah  
Elf 2 Ananda  
Thorudin 2 Jesse  
Lost Mine of Phandelver, Session 4
In which we continue exploring the Redbrand Hideout

Lost Mine of Phandelver CoverAs the night passes, the adventurers rest relatively peacefully, with only a few interruptions from odd dungeon noises. When they wake, they explore the crypt more thoroughly. In the sarcophagi they discover moldering bodies and clothing, and one signet ring. Dawn and Euphemia Hiddenstream decide to explore the two additional doors in the room, Euphemia finds a weapons store and Dawn finds imprisoned humans. Dawn’s discovery is a prison room with two cells. In one cell two women cower, and in another cell a young boy, about fourteen, scurries to the back of the cell in terror.


Lost Mine of Phandelver

The 26th of the Melting, the Year of the Grinning Halfling

Cast of Characters

Name Level Played by XP
Madislak 2 Tristan 240 ☑
Dawn Maryona 2 Aurora 240 ☑
Euphemia Hiddenstream 2 Sarah 240 ☑
“nameless” 2 Kent 240 ☑
Droop   Sarah  
Elf 2 Ananda  
Thorudin 2 Jesse  

Dawn attempts to talk to the boy, but he’s too afraid and confused to be of much use. Euphemia, having grabbed a new crossbow, comes into the prison room. She investigates the humans and the locks and interrogates the women, having recognized them from town. She notices a significant absence of the husband, and the woman tells them that the Redbrands took them hostage and killed her husband. Euphemia then picks the lock on the womens’ cell, but can’t quite get the boy’s cell to open. Dawn smashes the lock with his axe and the boy is released. Euphemia instructs the people to wear the red cloaks she found in the weapons’ room, and sends Dawn and Medislak with them to guide them out of the cavern. 

When Dawn, Medislak, and the released prisoners exit the cavern, Droop runs up excitedly. The women scream and the Dreadrar family runs back inside, away from the horrible monster. Droop begs for food, Dawn reassures the family, and gives Droop some food. Dawn then accompanies the family back to their home. In thanks for his assistance and kindness, Dawn is told some intriguing information about something left behind by the Dreadrar family in Thundertree. After Dawn leaves them safe at home, he goes to see Sildar to make sure the family has continued protection.

As time passes, Euphemia gets progressively more and more irate at the tardiness of Dawn and Medislak. She finally has had enough of sitting around and suggests she, the Elf and “nameless” all return to the alchemy workshop and re-search any rooms they’ve already been in. When they arrive at the bottom of the stairs, Nameless opens to the door to the workshop, and immediately jumps back and slams the door, holding his entire weight against it. Inside the room, apparently, were Redbrands waiting to ambush the intruders. As he holds the door, Euphemia investigates the locking mechanism and manages to lock the door against the ruffians.

The Elf, waiting patiently on the stairs, turns suddenly to discover three bugbears, growling and charging at him. The Elf flees down the stairs, Euphemia ducks quickly into the other door, finding an empty room, and she runs across the room and exits the other side. Medislak hears some commotion and discovers the bugbears attacking his friends and draws his sword. The bugbear in the back wears a jeweled eyepatch, and Euphemia, coming up from behind recognizes Mosk. The Elf casts a sleep spell, and one of the bugbears falls down in slumber, and the next bugbear stabs the Elf, who falls in a pool of blood. 

Nameless escapes through the room after Euphemia, but as he steps back the wooden door bursts into pieces and three ruffians chase after him, along with the bugbear who had defeated the Elf. Dawn has returned by this point, and discovers his companions embroiled in significant combat. He grabs a javelin and tosses it effectively through Mosk’s working eye, Medislak stabs Mosk with his sword, and Euphemia dashes in with her short sword severing Mosk’s femoral artery and killing him. 

The ruffians chase up the stairs after the intruders from both ends. The Elf recovers enough to stand, cast another sleep spell knocking out the ruffian closest to him before getting stabbed again and falling again into his increasing puddle of blood. Euphemia turns the corner about the staircase and shoots an arrow into the ruffian who stabs and slashes her as she falls. Dawn moves forward, bringing his axe down hard on the shoulder of one of the remaining two bugbears. Medislak drops his sword and fires an arrow clean through the bugbear and slashing the armor of the Redbrand behind, dropping the bugbear effectively.

Nameless admonishes the Redbrand’s objectionable language and sends an arrow through his eye, killing the second ruffian. Two Redbrands pour out of the hallway slicing into Medislak. Euphemia recovers enough to rejoin the fray and comes back up the stairs, while Dawn shoves one of the two new ruffians into the crevasse. The last bugbear has awakened, and knocks Medislak to the ground while he bleeds. Nameless shoots another arrow through one of the remaining redbrand’s eye sockets and knocks him, dead, from the bridge into the crevasse. Dawn swings his axe mightily and cuts one ruffian in half lengthwise, and then cuts off the bugbear’s head.

The danger seemingly passed, Dawn tells his friends he saw something dragging the bodies of the ruffians under the bridge. The bridge on which Euphemia is standing. Euphemia takes this opportunity to run, full speed, down the stairs, dragging the unconscious Elf with her into the alchemy lab. Where one last Redbrand cuts her down. Dawn follows and cuts open the Redbrand’s arm, but he returns slashes and Dawn falls to the floor. At this point, only Nameless is standing, and he manages to sweep in, hurling curses, shooting the final Redbrand in the eye. 

Nameless then drags or carries his fallen comrades into the empty (and safe) room where Euphemia and he had fled before. He bars the doors, and gathers supplies, after stabilizing and seeing to the wound of his friends.

Mine of Phandelver, Session 3
In which we return to the Redbrand Hideout

Lost Mine of Phandelver CoverWhile Thorudin investigates some leads of his own, the rest of the party decides it's time to go after the Redbrands in their hideout under the mansion for a second time. As they stand in the middle of the road in front of the Inn in Phandalin, Euphemia notices an elf approaching. She glares menacingly at the Elf, and says nothing as he approaches. Until, that is, Droop begins to paw at the ground and eat the grass growing around his feet.

“Droop, stop that. Don’t eat that.”

“Droop hungry. Eat.”

“No, not that. Stop it.”

“Maybe you should give it some rations?” asks Nameless.

“Fine. Here, Droop, eat this.” Euphemia hands him a piece of jerky. He sniffs it, puts it in his pocket and goes back to eating grass.


Lost Mine of Phandelver

The 25th of the Melting, the Year of the Grinning Halfling

Cast of Characters

Name Level Played by XP
Medislak 2 Tristan 50 ☑
Dawn Maryona 2 Aurora 50 ☑
Euphemia Hiddenstream 2 Sarah 50 ☑
“nameless” 2 Kent 50 ☑
Elf 2 Ananda 50 ☐
Droop   Sarah  


Dawn, far better at social interaction of every kind than the halfling, greets the Elf pleasantly. 

“Hello, sir. I am Dawn Maryona, may we be of service?”

“Oh, hello, yes, perhaps. Did I overhear you discussing the Redbrands and a mansion?” “Yes, we were.” Dawn replies, while Euphemia reaches for her short-sword, prepared to strike.

“Oh, lovely. I need to join a band of adventurers, is there any way I could accompany you?”

The party looks surprised and confused for a moment, but Nameless, Madislak and Dawn all quickly agree. Euphemia grunts in neither agreement nor disagreement. Along they go, regardless of Euphemia’s mild disapproval with everything, to the entrance under the mansion for a second time. Droop waits outside, he insists that being kicked by Mosk again is NOT something he wants to risk.


Redbrand Hideout


When they enter the cavern it is, as before, dark and disturbing. One of the bridges across the chasm is gone, as luck would have it, the bridge closest to the adventurers. As they move along the Elf seems perplexed by something, but only Dawn notices.

“Don’t worry,” he says, “there’s a Nothic that lives in this cavern. He’s friends with me.”


“Well, he’ll talk to you in your head sometimes, nothing to worry about.”

“It ROTS FLESH!” shouts Euphemia from a bit further ahead.

At roughly that same moment Nameless screams and there is the distinct and familiar aroma of rotting flesh. The adventurers dart around looking for the Nothic while Dawn stands still, apparently having some sort of difficulty in his brain. They spot it, and Euphemia shoots arrows at it, Madislak swings at it with his sword, Nameless dives behind a rock, and the Elf sends a nasty bolt of magic at it lighting up the chasm for a moment. The Nothic vanishes, and after another search, the party continues on, a bit worse for wear. 

They find one of the same rooms they initially found, and Euphemia fades into darkness. She scouts ahead, down the hallway they hadn’t searched yet. She finds a dead end, and heads back out to re-search the other areas. In the meantime, Dawn has found his way down the same hallway to the same dead end. He, on the other hand, has more luck pushing against the stone, and a door opens. All but Euphemia walk into a large room with several doors leading in various directions.



Madislak charges forward and opens a door, finds a hallway, and then goes to another door. Eventually he finds stairs leading up. All follow and they discover a burned out, ruined mansion with nothing of any value or interest above. They come back down, and Euphemia, by this time, has made her way back to the large room. They all file out into the original hallway Madislak found. 


Trapped Hall

Madislak and Euphemia suddenly find themselves bruised and a little broken at the bottom of a pit. Nameless manages to avoid falling through the hole just barely by clinging to the side of the floor. After some foolishness with an unnecessary rope, Madislak, Euphemia, and the others make their way to the end of the hallway. 


Tresendar Crypts

The door at the hall’s end leads to another room. There are four sarcophagi here with skeletons in armor standing next to them. Euphemia wastes no time when she sees another door and head straight for it. And the skeletons come to life and hack at her. A frenzy of battle ensues. Dawn cleaves two skeletons into dust, and Madislak kills the third by shooting his arrow at its skull which is pinned to the stone wall behind it. The last skeleton, the one that has been attacking Euphemia, Nameless does in. After surveying their bruised, slashed, broken and rotting bodies, they decide it’s best to stay here for the time being. At least until they can heal up or find their dwarf healer again.

Lost Mine of Phandelver, Session 2
In which we visit the goblin cave

Lost Mine of Phandelver CoverThe group of adventurers make their way out of town in a circuitous manner (Euphemia Hiddenstream insists on this for some reason). They travel back to the site of the goblin ambush and inspect the area a second time. Euphemia asks Droop some questions about the habits of his kinsmen, and he lets the group know that so long as they keep an eye out, it should be okay for them to walk through the woods to Cragmaw Cave.


Lost Mine of Phandelver

The 24th of the Melting, the Year of the Grinning Halfling

Cast of Characters

Name Level Played by XP
Medislak 1 Tristan 350 ☑
Dawn Maryona 1 Aurora 350 ☑
Euphemia Hiddenstream 1 Sarah 350 ☑
“Nameless” 1 Kent 350 ☑
Thorudin 1 Jesse 350 ☑

The Goblin Trail

[Needed: Descriptions of returning to the ambush site, of the march to the cave, of crossing the stream, and of discovering the hidden goblin sentries]


Cragmaw Hideout

Cave Mouth

When they arrive at the entrance to the cave, in a clearing where a rather brackish stream runs out of the mouth of the cave, there are two armed goblins keeping watch. Euphemia asks Droop to go introduce them, and tell them that the group is there to try to purchase a hostage. Droop scurries over to the goblins and speaks with them in goblin as the party stands uneasily and waits. Droop motions them over, and Euphemia steps forward.

“We’re here to buy the dwarf you captured on the road. Is there a leader I can speak to?”
“What leader you want? Yeemik or Klarg?”

“Which one will likely be willing to sell the dwarf?”
“Then I’d like to speak to Yeemik.”

The goblin scurries away and in a few minutes he returns with several other goblins, the guard motions to the one in the center and says “This Yeemik.”

“Hello, Yeemik. I am Euphemia. Droop tells us that you have a dwarf you might be wiling to sell to us?”
“No dwarf. Dwarf gone. We have knight, though.”
“What happened to the dwarf?”
“Dwarf already sold to Black Spider.”

“How much for the knight?”
“100 gold!”
“That’s a bit excessive for a knight. I’ll pay you 20 gold.”

Yeemik holds up his hand and confers with the other goblins for a moment. He comes back to Euphemia and says “I not in charge. Klarg in charge. If you…kill Klarg, then I lower price. You kill Klarg, pay 30 gold, you get knight.”

“Where is Klarg?”
“You go in, and you go right and then you go up and then you go back and you go up and there is Klarg.”

“Let me talk to my companions. Give me a moment.”
Euphemia fills in the others, and “Nameless” asks how many goblins there are in the cave. Yeemik says there are lots of goblins. Left with no other viable option to discover the whereabouts of Gundren, the group agrees to Yeemik’s terms. Droop agrees to help them find Klarg.



They go into the cave, following the not pleasantly aromatic stream, and the light gets dimmer and dimmer the further into the cave they go. Only Thorudin seems to be able to find his way without any light source, and so Madislak lights a torch. They go right, and hear growling and snapping, as the torch illuminates a set of steps Euphemia goes forward to investigate and finds three wolves straining at chains that look questionable. She attempts to ask Droop about these wolves, whether they protect…and they break their chains and attack. Euphemia gets badly bitten, but the wolves are taken down quickly by the arrows of Nameless and Madislak and Euphemia’s slashing with her short sword. Droop cowers behind Thorudin until the danger is passed, and Thorudin spends a few minutes tending to Euphemia’s wounds. 

Euphemia spots a place that looks like an entrance to another room above the wolves’ pen. Thorudin, having good vision in the dark of the cave, quietly takes a look. He reports that in the large open room above there is a bugbear, a large wolf and several goblins with a fire in the middle of the room. Droop tells them that’s Klarg and his wolf. After surveying the opening, Madislak, Nameless and Dawn don’t think they can fit. Droop tells them there’s another way in, and Euphemia suggests she sneak into the room and hide there until the rest of them arrive, in case Klarg leaves. She easily pops through the hole and conceals herself behind a rock. Silent and dark she may be, but she still smells like a halfling which attracts the attention of the wolf. She quickly and quietly tosses some rations far from her, and the wolf is successfully distracted.


Steep Passage

The men continue on, following Droop deeper into the cave. As they walk along they hear a roaring like a waterfall ahead, and they see a large bridge spanning the two sides of the ravine fairly high above their heads. As the sound of the water gets louder, Droop jumps to the other side of the stream and scrambles up the side of the ravine. A wall of water bears down on the group of men, and Nameless leaps to the wall, managing to climb up and get to the top of the cliff-face. Dawn clings to the side, but Thorudin and Madislak are swept away by the surging wave.

In the aftermath of the wave, Dawn looks around and sees nothing in the deep black of the cave, but he knows his fine clothes are soaked, and smell vaguely of…poop. Nameless is safe above, but also can’t see a thing. He creeps forward carefully until he hears the sound of feet walking and goblin mutterings up ahead. The goblins seem to be heading towards the bridge. He realizes his companions will need a way up, and lets a rope down. Unfortunately he’s being very quiet, and can’t see anything, and Dawn is also blind in the darkness of the cave and fails to see the rope. Dawn realizes he’s alone, and since he saw Madislak’s torch extinguished by the wave, feels his way back towards the mouth of the cave.

Thorudin and Madislak are swept along, lightly bruised by the rocks they bump into along the way, and find themselves deposited unceremoniously at the mouth of the cave where they had initially entered. They climb out of the water, inspect themselves and their belongings, and discovering everything is more or less in one piece (if a bit ripe), they go back into the cave to find their lost comrades. They get a little further than where they were before, bumping into Dawn on the way, and another wave crashes through the ravine. This time Dawn grabs at the wall and finds the rope Nameless had let down earlier. Thorudin and Madislak, unfortunately, suffer the same fate as before and are swept back to the mouth again. On their third walk in, they manage to spot the rope, thanks to Thorudin’s ability to see underground in the darkness, and they narrowly avoid a third flushing. Droop has joined them, apparently from a far less difficult ramp on the other side of the bridge.


Klarg’s Cave

They continue on, following Droop, until he begins to fall to the back, and they come upon a short set of wide-set stairs. Droop stops and points at the stairs and whispers “Klarg in there.”
Nameless and Madislak draw their bows and lie down on their bellies, crawling towards the entrance to get a good vantage point without being noticed. Unfortunately, they didn’t think about the ability of a wolf to sense an intruder, even if he can’t see said intruder. Although they lose the surprise, their arrows handily take out the goblins surrounding Klarg. Klarg roars and charges, his wolf on his heels, when Euphemia pops out from behind her rock and sends arrows flying into the wolf who turns on her. She draws her short sword, and manages to take it down without too much damage on her end. Dawn hacks mightily at Klarg, and all his aid gone, the party makes short and relatively painless work of him.

When he falls, Nameless heads for the chest his wolf was guarding. In it he finds some copper and silver, a jade frog, and two vials of some sort of potion. After seeing to their wounds, and administering one of the vials to Thorudin to revive him, they exit the room to go find Yeemik to claim their payment. Yeemik, with goblins on either side of him, appears from a side corridor and proudly surveys the dead bugbear and wolf. 

“Yeemik leader!” He proclaims.

Euphemia steps forward offering the promised 30 gold. 

“Not enough. Is 100 gold for knight.”
“No. That was not the deal. We killed Klarg and his wolves. I pay you 30 gold, you give us the knight.”
“100 gold for knight.”
Euphemia glares menacingly at Yeemik. “We killed Klarg. Klarg is bigger and stronger than you. I’m still willing to pay you 30 gold for the knight. That offer expires is 5, 4, 3,” and Yeemik and the goblins surrounding him run full speed in the other direction. Euphemia splutters and fires an arrow at them and gives chase. 


Goblin Den

After a fast-paced chase through the caverns, the party catches up with Yeemik and the goblins at a clearing where Yeemik holds a knight by the shoulder, brandishing a knife to his throat.After some back and forth, intimidation and threats from Euphemia, attempts to calm the situation by Dawn, and cackling from Yeemik, a surprise shift in leadership occurs when one of the nearby goblins stabs Yeemik through the throat, frees the knight, takes the 30 gold from Euphemia, and all the goblins save Droop disappear into various hidey holes.

The group helps the knight out of the cave. He's clearly been treated quite poorly and is dire need of aid. They give him the remaining vial, and find a safe place in the woods to sit for a bit and allow him to recover. When recovered he reveals that he is Sildar Hallwinter, and had indeed been traveling with Gundren to Phandalin when they were ambushed by goblins. His business was not merely to aid Gundren on the road, however, he tells them. He had intentions to go to Phandalin to find out what had become of a good friend and member of the Lord's Alliance, Iarno Albrek, who had recently gone silent. 

“Um. Iarno is contact with the Black Spider. Taking orders from him, in fact.” Says Euphemia out of nowhere.

“What? What are you referring to…little one?”
“There was a letter, in the office of a wizard, under the mansion in Phandalin. It was to Iarno Albrek from the Black Spider. It had instructions to find us, detain us, and kill us if necessary.”
“Do you have this letter?”
“Not with me. I can show it to you when we get back to Phandalin.”
“Yes, of course, very good. Now, why would you risk so much to get me out of that cave?”
“Gundren employed us to get his cart of provisions to Phandalin safely. We did. We haven’t been paid.” Says Nameless.

“Oh, yes, of course. Gundren was taken, I don’t know what became of him. When we return to the town, after I’ve had a rest, I’ll be sure to compensate you for your aid.”


Act 2: Phandalin

Arriving in Phandalin

They all journey, slowly and carefully, together back to Phandalin. Euphemia asks Droop if he wants to stay at Cragmaw Hideout or come with her back to Phandalin. Droop happily agrees to leave the cave (where he was not treated much better than by the bugbears under the Redbrand hideout). When they return to town, Euphemia speeds away on an errand, Sildar retires for some much needed rest at the inn, Dawn and Madislak go shopping, and Nameless visits the shrine of luck to pay his respects and see if he can discover anything more about the jade frog he found in the chest in the cave. Thorudin settles in for some drinking and talk with the locals in the tavern. [I think I may have gotten things a bit out of order here, so feel free to readjust as necessary]

The next day Sildar wakes up, and meets the group for breakfast. Well, actually, he’s accosted by Dawn at the breakfast table who is full of questions and conversation. Sildar is gracious to the young noble, and after breakfast they all head to the Townmaster’s hall to inquire about the state of things in Phandalin, and to be sure that the troupe is rewarded for their various efforts. Right before they leave, however, Euphemia hands Sildar the letter she had referred to earlier, and he is deeply concerned and thanks her for the information. At the Townmaster’s hall, Harbin is by no means happy to see Madislak and Nameless.

“What is the meaning of this? How dare you show your faces here after the mess you made?” He demands when they walk in. There’s a quick argument that Sildar cuts short, demanding an explanation from all involved. Harbin berates Madislak and Nameless for murdering the man they brought in, which Sildar is initially bothered by deeply, but when he discovers that Harbin has been mainly ignoring the Redbrand problem, he is far more bothered by Harbin’s incompetence. He sends the adventurers out, and has them return later on. 

When they return, they’re paid for their help, and he asks them to find out what they can about the Redbrands, Glasstaff, and the whereabouts of Iarno Albrek while he works to bring the town back into something resembling law and order. He also hopes that they can discover the location of his good friend Gundren and his brothers, and bring them home safely. He promises to pay handsomely for results in any of these areas.

The party leaves the hall and does some shopping and other errands. Thorudin pursues some information and relationships he'd made the night before in the tavern, while the others discuss the next profitable move for all of them. They decide that what makes the most sense is to head back to the caverns under the mansion and see what, if anything, they missed there.

Lost Mine of Phandelver, Session 1
In which we meet the players. And the goblins. And the eye-monster.

Lost Mine of Phandelver CoverIt is mid-morning in Neverwinter. Several individuals wake up to face a new day and new challenges. Euphemia, a halfling, wakes up in an alley, obscured by drunken revelers sleeping off the previous night’s ale. She quietly gathers her belongings, dusts herself off, and walks around to the front of the tavern to get breakfast and see about a possible job opportunity. Medislak, a jet-black giant of a human; Thorudin, a compact dwarf with braided beard; and a nameless nondescript human all rise from their respective beds in Neverwinter’s least nosy and least expensive Inn. Dawn Maryona, a tall thin human of obviously noble birth (as evidenced by his elegant—perhaps fussily elegant—attire), steps onto the streets of Neverwinter, draws in a deep cleansing breath and makes a face. Apparently, Neverwinter fails to smell as sweet and clean as Dawn would prefer.


Lost Mine of Phandelver

Highsun, the 20th of the Melting, the Year of the Grinning Halfling

Cast of Characters

Name Level Played by XP
Medislak 1 Tristan 160 ☑
Dawn Maryona 1 Aurora 160 ☑
Euphemia Hiddenstream 1 Sarah 160 ☑
“Nameless” 1 Kent 160 ☑
Thorudin 1 Jesse 160 ☑

Act 1: Goblin Arrows

The Adventure Begins

As morning progresses all five make their way to a certain tavern where they have been summoned to a breakfast meeting with Gundren Rockseeker, a well-dressed dwarf with a full purse and a kindly (if somewhat gruff) demeanor. Over breakfast Gundren explains that he has a cart full of…things that needs to be delivered safely to Phandalin—a town about three days‘ walk from Neverwinter. In return for the safe delivery of his cart, Gundren promises them ten gold apiece as payment for their effort. All five agree to Gundren’s term, with remarkably few questions, and after a quick round of introductions (all introduce themselves except for the still unnamed nondescript human), the band of unlikely adventurers are on their way, starting out heading south on the High Road from Neverwinter.

On the road, Dawn attempts to befriend everyone with little success. Apparently these scruffy strangers are less impressed by his noble bearing than expected, especially since Dawn’s typical interactions involve those around him quickly being won over by his easy manner. Euphemia seems to dislike walking, perhaps due to her somewhat slower gait, and blithely swings up on the back of the cart, walking across the tarp covering the goods making barely an imprint. She settles on the head of the front ox, sitting with legs crossed, watching the road ahead. Thorudin makes somewhat more pleasant conversation with Dawn as they walk along, and the gruff dark-haired Nameless one chuckles to himself at the little one’s antics. Medislak seems ever-prepared for any possible danger, but for the first two days the trip is entirely uneventful.


Goblin Ambush

About mid-day on the third day of travel some time after they have turned west onto the Triboar Trail, as the party inches ever closer to their destination, they are surprised by two dead horses in the middle of the road. Euphemia is immediately alert, and she hops off the head of the ox, dashes to the treeline, and promptly fades into darkness. Nameless tells Medislak to check out the horses while the rest of the party stays with the cart. The horses, Medislak discovers, have been shot by small arrows, the kind Euphemia carries with her for the short bow slung around her back. As he turns to report his discovery arrows begin to fly from the trees. Dawn pulls out his impressively large and jewel encrusted axe and goes to investigate the right side of the road—the side where Euphemia had disappeared. Thorudin and Medislak rush to the other side of the road as Nameless is struck by arrows and dives underneath the cart. Thorudin and Medislak encounter two goblins with bows and arrows and somewhat ineffectually try to attack them. After Dawn handily cleaves one of the goblins he has found on his side of the road in twain, he hears a battle cry from across the road, and hurls one of his javelins in that direction, brilliantly striking…Madislak, and knocking him bleeding to the ground. 

Meanwhile, Euphemia has stealthily come around to discover the goblins on Dawn’s side of the road. She lets an arrow fly and catches the one farther from Dawn, but fails to kill him as the goblin screeches and heads towards Euphemia, bow drawn. Instead of being useful, Dawn turns after killing the first goblin and Euphemia screams in rage as she sees Madislak fall. 

Safely under the cart, Nameless picks off one of the goblins attacking Madislak and Thorudin with his bow, and Dawn finally comes through and rushes over the slay the last goblin on the left side of the road. 

Euphemia’s last goblin runs full speed away having severely wounded Euphemia with an arrow, but Euphemia is strong enough to charge out of the woods, swearing in Halfling. Thorudin manages to bring Madislak back to his feet, and after a bit more investigating (and Halfling curses), the horses are moved out of the way and the party makes it to Euphemia’s aunt’s house for some much needed rest, food, and recuperation.



The next day they bring the cart into town. On arrival at the general store, where they had been told to deliver the goods, they encounter an unexpected difficulty. Apparently their patron, Gundren, has not managed to arrive safely in Phandalin. This causes some distress both to the general store’s proprietor, Barthen, who does not have the funds to reimburse the travelers for their trouble, and to the adventuring party (in part because of the lack of payment, and in part because those horses on the road suddenly take on a new dimension of import). After a little time, and far more bickering than seems necessary, the adventurers are given some advice on how to find their way around, and promised payment as soon as Gundren returns to town. However, if the traveling party can find more information about Gundren’s whereabouts, Barthen would be willing to pay them something for their trouble. After a bit more investigation and interrogation of the general store owner, and his far more informed stock boys, the group makes their way to the Town Master—perhaps he can shed some light on why a dwarf and his traveling companion may have been prevented from arriving in town.

The town master is far more concerned with the recent orc troubles just outside of town than some random missing dwarf. Even the local group of ruffians the travelers hear about on their way to the Town Master’s office, the Redbrands, seem to bother the Town Master not at all. It’s almost as if he might have some sort of arrangement with them. He offers, again and again, to reward them for killing the orcs, but declines to offer anything in the way of aid in finding Gundren or in doing anything at all to stop the Redbrands from terrorizing his city’s denizens, claiming that they're “just a mercenary guild, and not all that much trouble, really.”


Redbrand Ruffians

After a bit more exploring, it becomes clear that the only way to find out more information about the goblin ambush on the road and the likely whereabouts of Gundren Rockseeker is to venture into the part of town controlled by the Redbrands. Euphemia refuses to go into that area, but keeps watch from the top of a house a block or so away. [When the others approach the tavern where several Redbrands are lounging about.] Is that a sentence? At first the villains hurl only insults at the odd band of travelers, but in fairly short order they attack. Dawn and Nameless primarily make short work of the Redbrands, not even giving Euphemia the opportunity to fire an arrow. [Players: if you have flavor/detail to add here, that would be great, I don’t remember tons about this part of the encounter.] She slides down from the house and hurries over to her companions, and insists they follow her. They argue at first, but she points out that they’ve just killed some Redbrand foot soldiers and the more powerful members of the gang are sure to follow soon. One of the men is not dead, and the group spirits him away for enhanced interrogation in a nearby abandoned shack. 

When the man comes to, Euphemia perches on his chest, threateningly, and demands to know about the goblins. The man is confused at first, but eventually, and with much prodding from Euphemia and Nameless, reveals that there is an underground hideout not too far from the tavern. He mutters something about an eye monster, and a goblin that might have more information. He says that Glasstaff will be more than happy to avenge this insult Euphemia and her friends have made to the Redbrands. After getting as much information out of the Redbrand as possible, the group bickers about what to do with him. Finally, Nameless and Madislak take him to the Townmaster's hall, in the hopes of a reward or assistance. Harbin, instead of gratitude, offers a sputter of irritation and rage. 

“Do you have any idea what you’ve done?”

“A public service. We defended ourselves against an attack, and rid the community of a threat,” Nameless responds.

“Oh, dear. Oh, dear, oh dear. You have no idea. Just what, exactly, do you think will come of this? Nothing good, I can tell you that. Nothing good at all. Do you think Glasstaff and the leaders of the Redbrands will simply let this pass? No. No, no, no. They’ll come right into town and look for answers. And do you know where they’ll come first? To me.”

“Fine. If you won’t take care of your town, that’s your problem,” and Madislak slits the Redbrand's throat. The two men turn around and exit the hall, leaving the body of the Redbrand splayed in a puddle of blood on the townmaster’s floor.


Redbrand Hideout

When Madislak and Nameless return to the shack, Euphemia tells them all that she knows how to get into the underground hideout. They make their way across some fields and come to a tunnel leading underground. As they enter the stony tunnel they see very little, as it’s extremely dark. As they walk through, however, each hears a disturbing voice in their head that seems to know their most intimate secrets. All of a sudden Madislak screams and the smell of rotting flesh invades the air, and all the adventurers are on alert. Well, all but one. Dawn immediately starts talking. To something. Asking that it stop hurting “us.” 

“For the love of all that’s holy, it melted his flesh! You can’t reason with something that melts flesh! Shut up,” Euphemia shouts at Dawn.

“It’s just scared.”

“We didn’t melt its flesh, but I will put an arrow in its skull.”

The rest of the party spreads out searching in the dark tunnel for whatever it is that attacked Madislak. Before anyone spots it, Euphemia cries out in pain, and her arm begins to rot. All of a sudden, in front of Nameless, there is a scaly beast with one giant eye and a mouth full of bared, horrifying teeth. Its hands and feet are claws, and its giant eye seems to weave in front of it, as though the eye controls the rest of the body. The adventurers attack viciously, save Dawn, who tries to convince the eye-monster to stand down while he shouts at everyone else to stop attacking it. No one listens. [I don’t remember who hit it with what, so if anyone else does, that would be great to add.] The eye-monster falls into the ravine, and melts into darkness. They search around for the body of the horrible monster, and in the process Euphemia falls unceremoniously into the cavern when the first bridge collapses underneath her. Madislak climbs down to help her up, but she scales the sides of the cavern instead. The party carries on, crossing the solid bridge across the ravine and discovers a doorway that they investigate.

The first opening just north of the cavern reveals…a storage room full of empty barrels. The next opening has a  staircase leading down to a door on the left and another on the right. They open the first door which yields a barracks-style sleeping room…with five Redbrand guards playing cards. Luckily, the first one through the door is Madislak, with Dawn close behind him. Dawn acts quickly and insists that Madislak is his prisoner, and that Dawn is friends with Glasstaff. Dawn speaks loudly enough that Nameless, Thorudin and Euphemia can back into the door on the other side of the corridor (an empty workshop with alchemical seeming draughts and bottles and measuring tools), and hide. Though there are some significant mis-steps in Dawn’s story (much mumbling and side-stepping), his charismatic ownership of his own nobility is enough to eventually convince the Redbrands that Dawn is, in fact, holding this man prisoner for Glasstaff. Of course, the next thing to do is to bring the prisoner to Glasstaff, which the Redbrands are happy to do for the visitor. As they attempt to take Madislak away from Dawn, Nameless comes in, toadying to Dawn’s aristocratic bearing, and the guards back off a bit—but only for a moment. Meanwhile, Thorudin and Euphemia find a door that leads to a sleeping chamber; clearly a sleeping chamber not built for a guard. In the back of this room, Euphemia discovers a hidden door that had been left open a crack, but before she can open it, they hear commotion in the workshop.

“Here’s the way to Glasstaff, sir. If delivering the prisoner personally is necessary, this is the way to do it.”

“What’s this, then? A prisoner, you say?”

“This…noble brought a prisoner for Glasstaff, sir.”

“Well, we know what happens to prisoners. Thank you, sir, for your help. I’ll have my men take him to the mines.”

“Oh, no, I, uh, well, Glasstaff will want to interrogate him.”

“Yes, yes. The interrogators at the mine will have a fine time with him.”

“No, I mean, well, the thing is, you really need to let me…”

And Euphemia jumps out from the door in the back of the workshop, bow drawn, shoots an arrow and yells “Madislak, fight for your freedom!”

And the fight ensues. Euphemia deftly strikes with her arrows, Madislak sticks several Redbrand guards with his sword, Dawn cleaves his axe into limbs, but in the melee Thorudin is struck and falls unconscious. Dawn is also knocked into a table where many potions spill, staining his fine clothing. When it’s over, the adventurers have won, but their wounds are significant. They decide to hide out in the back room and rest until the dwarf has recovered sufficiently to help the rest of them heal. 

In the night, as the others sleep, Dawn has an interesting mental conversation with a mysterious voice. A familiar mysterious voice. He sneaks out of the room where his companions are resting, picks up the dead body of a Redbrand, and sneaks into the tunnel where he deposits the body in the ravine. In a sliver of light from a wall torch, Dawn sees the eye-monster limp out to the body and devour it. And Dawn brings a second body. 

When everyone is fully rested and ready for a bit more exploration, they open the door in the back of the sleeping chamber. They climb the stairs through the dusty and mildewed rock, and discover another door. On the other side of the door they discover…some nondescript crates and barrels, nothing of any note or value. They exit the room to find…the cavern they originally were in. So, given their circling around everything, they try the third exit to the cavern. They walk down a flight of stairs and hear a commotion. Deep, beastly voices growling in some horrible language that sounded unnatural coming from these voices. Then a higher voice, screaming in panic and pain.

“Please! No kick Droop! Droop do what Mosk say!”

As Madislak knocks the door open, the party sees a group of beasts in Redbrand garb, covered head-to-toe in fur, knocking a goblin around and shouting at him in an indistinguishable language. When Madislak enters, the goblin collapses on the floor in a heap.

“Who you!” the largest one, with a jeweled eyepatch shouts at the interlopers. Euphemia zooms forward.

“Euphemia Hiddenstream. You’ve heard of me,” she says with confidence. “I work for Glasstaff.”

“You used work for big boss. Now you outlaw! We kill outlaw!”

“No, no. I was pretending to be an outlaw. Glasstaff told me to pretend so I could find things out for him. Now I’m back. Glasstaff sent me to find you.”

“Find Mosk? Why find Mosk?” 

“We’re tracking a prisoner!” says Dawn.

“Prisoner? Where prisoner?”

“He went that way,” says Nameless, pointing up the stairs.

“Oh. He went to eye-monster. Eye-monster eat prisoner. We play with goblin.”

“No, he escaped the cavern. You, Mosk, are the perfect person to catch him!” says Euphemia.

“You mean, he went to town?”

“So Mosk go to town?”

“Is about time. Mosk been waiting for orders to go to town.”

And the bugbears scoop up the goblin and head for the stairs.

“Wait!” Shouts Euphemia.


“Leave the goblin. He’ll slow you down, and besides, Glasstaff needs him for a…spell.”

“Hrumph. Glasstaff take all good toys. Fine.” And with a sigh, Mosk drops the goblin on the floor.

The group manages to revive the goblin. At first the group is harsh with Droop, but he cowers and they get little out of him. So Euphemia pushes the others aside and stands on her tiptoes to be eye to eye with Droop.

“What’s your name?”

“Name? Droop is name.”

“Hello Droop. I’m Euphemia. We need to find the boss.”

“Boss? Mosk boss. He kick droop lots.”

“No, not Mosk. Glasstaff.”

“No know Glasstaff. Droop hear name, but never ever see Glasstaff.”

“Okay. Where is your home, Droop?”

“Droop lives in cave.”

“Do you live with other goblins?”

“Oh, yes. Droop lives with lots other goblins.”

“Can you take us where the other goblins are?”

“Yes…but…ambush place is on way. You get ambushed.”

“Did your goblin companions ambush a dwarf recently?”

“Dwarf? Yes. There was dwarf. And knight. Now leader have them.”

“What does your leader do with the people he captures?”

“Sell them.”

“How much do you think your leader would sell the dwarf for?”

“You ask him. Droop no do negotiations.”

“Okay, Droop. Will you take us to the place where we can try to buy the dwarf and the knight?”

“Yes. Droop take little one.”

And with that, the adventuring troop sets off, out of town, back to the site of their earlier encounter with the goblins to attempt to rescue Gundren and his knight companion from the goblins.

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Lost Mine of Phandelver

The 20th of the Melting, the Year of the Grinning Halfling

Cast of Characters

Name Level Played by XP
Madislak 2 Tristan  
Dawn Maryona 2 Aurora  
Euphemia Hiddenstream 2 Sarah  
“Nameless” 2 Kent  
Thorudin 2 Jesse  
Elf 2 Ananda  
Droop   Sarah  

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