Lost Mine of Phandelver, Session 4

In which we continue exploring the Redbrand Hideout

Lost Mine of Phandelver CoverAs the night passes, the adventurers rest relatively peacefully, with only a few interruptions from odd dungeon noises. When they wake, they explore the crypt more thoroughly. In the sarcophagi they discover moldering bodies and clothing, and one signet ring. Dawn and Euphemia Hiddenstream decide to explore the two additional doors in the room, Euphemia finds a weapons store and Dawn finds imprisoned humans. Dawn’s discovery is a prison room with two cells. In one cell two women cower, and in another cell a young boy, about fourteen, scurries to the back of the cell in terror.


Lost Mine of Phandelver

The 26th of the Melting, the Year of the Grinning Halfling

Cast of Characters

Name Level Played by XP
Madislak 2 Tristan 240 ☑
Dawn Maryona 2 Aurora 240 ☑
Euphemia Hiddenstream 2 Sarah 240 ☑
“nameless” 2 Kent 240 ☑
Droop   Sarah  
Elf 2 Ananda  
Thorudin 2 Jesse  

Dawn attempts to talk to the boy, but he’s too afraid and confused to be of much use. Euphemia, having grabbed a new crossbow, comes into the prison room. She investigates the humans and the locks and interrogates the women, having recognized them from town. She notices a significant absence of the husband, and the woman tells them that the Redbrands took them hostage and killed her husband. Euphemia then picks the lock on the womens’ cell, but can’t quite get the boy’s cell to open. Dawn smashes the lock with his axe and the boy is released. Euphemia instructs the people to wear the red cloaks she found in the weapons’ room, and sends Dawn and Medislak with them to guide them out of the cavern. 

When Dawn, Medislak, and the released prisoners exit the cavern, Droop runs up excitedly. The women scream and the Dreadrar family runs back inside, away from the horrible monster. Droop begs for food, Dawn reassures the family, and gives Droop some food. Dawn then accompanies the family back to their home. In thanks for his assistance and kindness, Dawn is told some intriguing information about something left behind by the Dreadrar family in Thundertree. After Dawn leaves them safe at home, he goes to see Sildar to make sure the family has continued protection.

As time passes, Euphemia gets progressively more and more irate at the tardiness of Dawn and Medislak. She finally has had enough of sitting around and suggests she, the Elf and “nameless” all return to the alchemy workshop and re-search any rooms they’ve already been in. When they arrive at the bottom of the stairs, Nameless opens to the door to the workshop, and immediately jumps back and slams the door, holding his entire weight against it. Inside the room, apparently, were Redbrands waiting to ambush the intruders. As he holds the door, Euphemia investigates the locking mechanism and manages to lock the door against the ruffians.

The Elf, waiting patiently on the stairs, turns suddenly to discover three bugbears, growling and charging at him. The Elf flees down the stairs, Euphemia ducks quickly into the other door, finding an empty room, and she runs across the room and exits the other side. Medislak hears some commotion and discovers the bugbears attacking his friends and draws his sword. The bugbear in the back wears a jeweled eyepatch, and Euphemia, coming up from behind recognizes Mosk. The Elf casts a sleep spell, and one of the bugbears falls down in slumber, and the next bugbear stabs the Elf, who falls in a pool of blood. 

Nameless escapes through the room after Euphemia, but as he steps back the wooden door bursts into pieces and three ruffians chase after him, along with the bugbear who had defeated the Elf. Dawn has returned by this point, and discovers his companions embroiled in significant combat. He grabs a javelin and tosses it effectively through Mosk’s working eye, Medislak stabs Mosk with his sword, and Euphemia dashes in with her short sword severing Mosk’s femoral artery and killing him. 

The ruffians chase up the stairs after the intruders from both ends. The Elf recovers enough to stand, cast another sleep spell knocking out the ruffian closest to him before getting stabbed again and falling again into his increasing puddle of blood. Euphemia turns the corner about the staircase and shoots an arrow into the ruffian who stabs and slashes her as she falls. Dawn moves forward, bringing his axe down hard on the shoulder of one of the remaining two bugbears. Medislak drops his sword and fires an arrow clean through the bugbear and slashing the armor of the Redbrand behind, dropping the bugbear effectively.

Nameless admonishes the Redbrand’s objectionable language and sends an arrow through his eye, killing the second ruffian. Two Redbrands pour out of the hallway slicing into Medislak. Euphemia recovers enough to rejoin the fray and comes back up the stairs, while Dawn shoves one of the two new ruffians into the crevasse. The last bugbear has awakened, and knocks Medislak to the ground while he bleeds. Nameless shoots another arrow through one of the remaining redbrand’s eye sockets and knocks him, dead, from the bridge into the crevasse. Dawn swings his axe mightily and cuts one ruffian in half lengthwise, and then cuts off the bugbear’s head.

The danger seemingly passed, Dawn tells his friends he saw something dragging the bodies of the ruffians under the bridge. The bridge on which Euphemia is standing. Euphemia takes this opportunity to run, full speed, down the stairs, dragging the unconscious Elf with her into the alchemy lab. Where one last Redbrand cuts her down. Dawn follows and cuts open the Redbrand’s arm, but he returns slashes and Dawn falls to the floor. At this point, only Nameless is standing, and he manages to sweep in, hurling curses, shooting the final Redbrand in the eye. 

Nameless then drags or carries his fallen comrades into the empty (and safe) room where Euphemia and he had fled before. He bars the doors, and gathers supplies, after stabilizing and seeing to the wound of his friends.


  • Bugbears exist in the wiki, but only in the singular. Write it [Bugbear|bugbears] (in double brackets).
  • Apparently, it’s Madislak, not Medislak.
Lost Mine of Phandelver, Session 4
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