Lost Mine of Phandelver, Session 2

In which we visit the goblin cave

Lost Mine of Phandelver CoverThe group of adventurers make their way out of town in a circuitous manner (Euphemia Hiddenstream insists on this for some reason). They travel back to the site of the goblin ambush and inspect the area a second time. Euphemia asks Droop some questions about the habits of his kinsmen, and he lets the group know that so long as they keep an eye out, it should be okay for them to walk through the woods to Cragmaw Cave.


Lost Mine of Phandelver

The 24th of the Melting, the Year of the Grinning Halfling

Cast of Characters

Name Level Played by XP
Medislak 1 Tristan 350 ☑
Dawn Maryona 1 Aurora 350 ☑
Euphemia Hiddenstream 1 Sarah 350 ☑
“Nameless” 1 Kent 350 ☑
Thorudin 1 Jesse 350 ☑

The Goblin Trail

[Needed: Descriptions of returning to the ambush site, of the march to the cave, of crossing the stream, and of discovering the hidden goblin sentries]


Cragmaw Hideout

Cave Mouth

When they arrive at the entrance to the cave, in a clearing where a rather brackish stream runs out of the mouth of the cave, there are two armed goblins keeping watch. Euphemia asks Droop to go introduce them, and tell them that the group is there to try to purchase a hostage. Droop scurries over to the goblins and speaks with them in goblin as the party stands uneasily and waits. Droop motions them over, and Euphemia steps forward.

“We’re here to buy the dwarf you captured on the road. Is there a leader I can speak to?”
“What leader you want? Yeemik or Klarg?”

“Which one will likely be willing to sell the dwarf?”
“Then I’d like to speak to Yeemik.”

The goblin scurries away and in a few minutes he returns with several other goblins, the guard motions to the one in the center and says “This Yeemik.”

“Hello, Yeemik. I am Euphemia. Droop tells us that you have a dwarf you might be wiling to sell to us?”
“No dwarf. Dwarf gone. We have knight, though.”
“What happened to the dwarf?”
“Dwarf already sold to Black Spider.”

“How much for the knight?”
“100 gold!”
“That’s a bit excessive for a knight. I’ll pay you 20 gold.”

Yeemik holds up his hand and confers with the other goblins for a moment. He comes back to Euphemia and says “I not in charge. Klarg in charge. If you…kill Klarg, then I lower price. You kill Klarg, pay 30 gold, you get knight.”

“Where is Klarg?”
“You go in, and you go right and then you go up and then you go back and you go up and there is Klarg.”

“Let me talk to my companions. Give me a moment.”
Euphemia fills in the others, and “Nameless” asks how many goblins there are in the cave. Yeemik says there are lots of goblins. Left with no other viable option to discover the whereabouts of Gundren, the group agrees to Yeemik’s terms. Droop agrees to help them find Klarg.



They go into the cave, following the not pleasantly aromatic stream, and the light gets dimmer and dimmer the further into the cave they go. Only Thorudin seems to be able to find his way without any light source, and so Madislak lights a torch. They go right, and hear growling and snapping, as the torch illuminates a set of steps Euphemia goes forward to investigate and finds three wolves straining at chains that look questionable. She attempts to ask Droop about these wolves, whether they protect…and they break their chains and attack. Euphemia gets badly bitten, but the wolves are taken down quickly by the arrows of Nameless and Madislak and Euphemia’s slashing with her short sword. Droop cowers behind Thorudin until the danger is passed, and Thorudin spends a few minutes tending to Euphemia’s wounds. 

Euphemia spots a place that looks like an entrance to another room above the wolves’ pen. Thorudin, having good vision in the dark of the cave, quietly takes a look. He reports that in the large open room above there is a bugbear, a large wolf and several goblins with a fire in the middle of the room. Droop tells them that’s Klarg and his wolf. After surveying the opening, Madislak, Nameless and Dawn don’t think they can fit. Droop tells them there’s another way in, and Euphemia suggests she sneak into the room and hide there until the rest of them arrive, in case Klarg leaves. She easily pops through the hole and conceals herself behind a rock. Silent and dark she may be, but she still smells like a halfling which attracts the attention of the wolf. She quickly and quietly tosses some rations far from her, and the wolf is successfully distracted.


Steep Passage

The men continue on, following Droop deeper into the cave. As they walk along they hear a roaring like a waterfall ahead, and they see a large bridge spanning the two sides of the ravine fairly high above their heads. As the sound of the water gets louder, Droop jumps to the other side of the stream and scrambles up the side of the ravine. A wall of water bears down on the group of men, and Nameless leaps to the wall, managing to climb up and get to the top of the cliff-face. Dawn clings to the side, but Thorudin and Madislak are swept away by the surging wave.

In the aftermath of the wave, Dawn looks around and sees nothing in the deep black of the cave, but he knows his fine clothes are soaked, and smell vaguely of…poop. Nameless is safe above, but also can’t see a thing. He creeps forward carefully until he hears the sound of feet walking and goblin mutterings up ahead. The goblins seem to be heading towards the bridge. He realizes his companions will need a way up, and lets a rope down. Unfortunately he’s being very quiet, and can’t see anything, and Dawn is also blind in the darkness of the cave and fails to see the rope. Dawn realizes he’s alone, and since he saw Madislak’s torch extinguished by the wave, feels his way back towards the mouth of the cave.

Thorudin and Madislak are swept along, lightly bruised by the rocks they bump into along the way, and find themselves deposited unceremoniously at the mouth of the cave where they had initially entered. They climb out of the water, inspect themselves and their belongings, and discovering everything is more or less in one piece (if a bit ripe), they go back into the cave to find their lost comrades. They get a little further than where they were before, bumping into Dawn on the way, and another wave crashes through the ravine. This time Dawn grabs at the wall and finds the rope Nameless had let down earlier. Thorudin and Madislak, unfortunately, suffer the same fate as before and are swept back to the mouth again. On their third walk in, they manage to spot the rope, thanks to Thorudin’s ability to see underground in the darkness, and they narrowly avoid a third flushing. Droop has joined them, apparently from a far less difficult ramp on the other side of the bridge.


Klarg’s Cave

They continue on, following Droop, until he begins to fall to the back, and they come upon a short set of wide-set stairs. Droop stops and points at the stairs and whispers “Klarg in there.”
Nameless and Madislak draw their bows and lie down on their bellies, crawling towards the entrance to get a good vantage point without being noticed. Unfortunately, they didn’t think about the ability of a wolf to sense an intruder, even if he can’t see said intruder. Although they lose the surprise, their arrows handily take out the goblins surrounding Klarg. Klarg roars and charges, his wolf on his heels, when Euphemia pops out from behind her rock and sends arrows flying into the wolf who turns on her. She draws her short sword, and manages to take it down without too much damage on her end. Dawn hacks mightily at Klarg, and all his aid gone, the party makes short and relatively painless work of him.

When he falls, Nameless heads for the chest his wolf was guarding. In it he finds some copper and silver, a jade frog, and two vials of some sort of potion. After seeing to their wounds, and administering one of the vials to Thorudin to revive him, they exit the room to go find Yeemik to claim their payment. Yeemik, with goblins on either side of him, appears from a side corridor and proudly surveys the dead bugbear and wolf. 

“Yeemik leader!” He proclaims.

Euphemia steps forward offering the promised 30 gold. 

“Not enough. Is 100 gold for knight.”
“No. That was not the deal. We killed Klarg and his wolves. I pay you 30 gold, you give us the knight.”
“100 gold for knight.”
Euphemia glares menacingly at Yeemik. “We killed Klarg. Klarg is bigger and stronger than you. I’m still willing to pay you 30 gold for the knight. That offer expires is 5, 4, 3,” and Yeemik and the goblins surrounding him run full speed in the other direction. Euphemia splutters and fires an arrow at them and gives chase. 


Goblin Den

After a fast-paced chase through the caverns, the party catches up with Yeemik and the goblins at a clearing where Yeemik holds a knight by the shoulder, brandishing a knife to his throat.After some back and forth, intimidation and threats from Euphemia, attempts to calm the situation by Dawn, and cackling from Yeemik, a surprise shift in leadership occurs when one of the nearby goblins stabs Yeemik through the throat, frees the knight, takes the 30 gold from Euphemia, and all the goblins save Droop disappear into various hidey holes.

The group helps the knight out of the cave. He's clearly been treated quite poorly and is dire need of aid. They give him the remaining vial, and find a safe place in the woods to sit for a bit and allow him to recover. When recovered he reveals that he is Sildar Hallwinter, and had indeed been traveling with Gundren to Phandalin when they were ambushed by goblins. His business was not merely to aid Gundren on the road, however, he tells them. He had intentions to go to Phandalin to find out what had become of a good friend and member of the Lord's Alliance, Iarno Albrek, who had recently gone silent. 

“Um. Iarno is contact with the Black Spider. Taking orders from him, in fact.” Says Euphemia out of nowhere.

“What? What are you referring to…little one?”
“There was a letter, in the office of a wizard, under the mansion in Phandalin. It was to Iarno Albrek from the Black Spider. It had instructions to find us, detain us, and kill us if necessary.”
“Do you have this letter?”
“Not with me. I can show it to you when we get back to Phandalin.”
“Yes, of course, very good. Now, why would you risk so much to get me out of that cave?”
“Gundren employed us to get his cart of provisions to Phandalin safely. We did. We haven’t been paid.” Says Nameless.

“Oh, yes, of course. Gundren was taken, I don’t know what became of him. When we return to the town, after I’ve had a rest, I’ll be sure to compensate you for your aid.”


Act 2: Phandalin

Arriving in Phandalin

They all journey, slowly and carefully, together back to Phandalin. Euphemia asks Droop if he wants to stay at Cragmaw Hideout or come with her back to Phandalin. Droop happily agrees to leave the cave (where he was not treated much better than by the bugbears under the Redbrand hideout). When they return to town, Euphemia speeds away on an errand, Sildar retires for some much needed rest at the inn, Dawn and Madislak go shopping, and Nameless visits the shrine of luck to pay his respects and see if he can discover anything more about the jade frog he found in the chest in the cave. Thorudin settles in for some drinking and talk with the locals in the tavern. [I think I may have gotten things a bit out of order here, so feel free to readjust as necessary]

The next day Sildar wakes up, and meets the group for breakfast. Well, actually, he’s accosted by Dawn at the breakfast table who is full of questions and conversation. Sildar is gracious to the young noble, and after breakfast they all head to the Townmaster’s hall to inquire about the state of things in Phandalin, and to be sure that the troupe is rewarded for their various efforts. Right before they leave, however, Euphemia hands Sildar the letter she had referred to earlier, and he is deeply concerned and thanks her for the information. At the Townmaster’s hall, Harbin is by no means happy to see Madislak and Nameless.

“What is the meaning of this? How dare you show your faces here after the mess you made?” He demands when they walk in. There’s a quick argument that Sildar cuts short, demanding an explanation from all involved. Harbin berates Madislak and Nameless for murdering the man they brought in, which Sildar is initially bothered by deeply, but when he discovers that Harbin has been mainly ignoring the Redbrand problem, he is far more bothered by Harbin’s incompetence. He sends the adventurers out, and has them return later on. 

When they return, they’re paid for their help, and he asks them to find out what they can about the Redbrands, Glasstaff, and the whereabouts of Iarno Albrek while he works to bring the town back into something resembling law and order. He also hopes that they can discover the location of his good friend Gundren and his brothers, and bring them home safely. He promises to pay handsomely for results in any of these areas.

The party leaves the hall and does some shopping and other errands. Thorudin pursues some information and relationships he'd made the night before in the tavern, while the others discuss the next profitable move for all of them. They decide that what makes the most sense is to head back to the caverns under the mansion and see what, if anything, they missed there.


You should be able to fix the table, including the date.
It’s Lost Mine of Phandelver.
•You’re missing the bit about when they got back to the horses, and the path to the cave (there was a snare and a pit, both of which were avoided, I believe).
•And there was a whole thing at the entrance, with people falling in the stream; and the goblins were hidden at first.
Klarg is spelled with a K. Not that you could have known that.
•"The danger is past," not “passed.”
•In the back of the room that the wolves were in, there was some rubble in a sort of alcove or narrow place. There, there was a natural chimney that led up.
•There was no third flushing.
•At some point near the end, I believe Barthen pays them for delivering the provisions and informing him about Gundren’s fate.
•No discussion of Droop’s armor?

Lost Mine of Phandelver, Session 2

Kent: I’d like a description of the interaction with the priestess added, please.

Lost Mine of Phandelver, Session 2

Regarding the cave entrance: If I remember correctly (and it’s likely that I don’t), the goblins were indeed hidden as we approached. One of them came out of hiding and we proceeded to negotiate for the downfall of the leader, at which point they basically just stood back and watched, likely laughing their little green heads off as various party members were “flushed” out twice. I forget exactly who was flushed the first time, but I believe it was the dwarf and the noble, and the second time the archer and …someone else? For some reason I want to say that no one got flushed twice. Droop was inside with us, so perhaps it was him one time or the other. I was the only one who managed to catch hold and climb to the bridge, at which point I lowered a largely invisible rope that only the dwarf could see, though the second flushing happened before successfully grabbing hold. I then went off on my own, following goblins through the not-the-leader direction, but did not engage; only verifying that it was not the right way. By the time I finished scouting, the second flushing had just finished and I was able to help the others up to the bridge, at which point we began making our way toward the leader’s area where our halfling waited in half-terror throwing rations at the wolf. Sadly I don’t remember the name of the negotiator, but then he was the one who was betrayed at the cliff anyway, so even IC I wouldn’t remember. He’s just “the goblin who was leader for 5 minutes”.

Also, I believe the natural chimney you’re referring to wasn’t full of rubble, but waste. Likely Goblin waste. I remember feeling less than eager both because of the narrowness and the filth.

You have a message about the priestess.

Lost Mine of Phandelver, Session 2
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