Mine of Phandelver, Session 3

In which we return to the Redbrand Hideout

Lost Mine of Phandelver CoverWhile Thorudin investigates some leads of his own, the rest of the party decides it's time to go after the Redbrands in their hideout under the mansion for a second time. As they stand in the middle of the road in front of the Inn in Phandalin, Euphemia notices an elf approaching. She glares menacingly at the Elf, and says nothing as he approaches. Until, that is, Droop begins to paw at the ground and eat the grass growing around his feet.

“Droop, stop that. Don’t eat that.”

“Droop hungry. Eat.”

“No, not that. Stop it.”

“Maybe you should give it some rations?” asks Nameless.

“Fine. Here, Droop, eat this.” Euphemia hands him a piece of jerky. He sniffs it, puts it in his pocket and goes back to eating grass.


Lost Mine of Phandelver

The 25th of the Melting, the Year of the Grinning Halfling

Cast of Characters

Name Level Played by XP
Medislak 2 Tristan 50 ☑
Dawn Maryona 2 Aurora 50 ☑
Euphemia Hiddenstream 2 Sarah 50 ☑
“nameless” 2 Kent 50 ☑
Elf 2 Ananda 50 ☐
Droop   Sarah  


Dawn, far better at social interaction of every kind than the halfling, greets the Elf pleasantly. 

“Hello, sir. I am Dawn Maryona, may we be of service?”

“Oh, hello, yes, perhaps. Did I overhear you discussing the Redbrands and a mansion?” “Yes, we were.” Dawn replies, while Euphemia reaches for her short-sword, prepared to strike.

“Oh, lovely. I need to join a band of adventurers, is there any way I could accompany you?”

The party looks surprised and confused for a moment, but Nameless, Madislak and Dawn all quickly agree. Euphemia grunts in neither agreement nor disagreement. Along they go, regardless of Euphemia’s mild disapproval with everything, to the entrance under the mansion for a second time. Droop waits outside, he insists that being kicked by Mosk again is NOT something he wants to risk.


Redbrand Hideout


When they enter the cavern it is, as before, dark and disturbing. One of the bridges across the chasm is gone, as luck would have it, the bridge closest to the adventurers. As they move along the Elf seems perplexed by something, but only Dawn notices.

“Don’t worry,” he says, “there’s a Nothic that lives in this cavern. He’s friends with me.”


“Well, he’ll talk to you in your head sometimes, nothing to worry about.”

“It ROTS FLESH!” shouts Euphemia from a bit further ahead.

At roughly that same moment Nameless screams and there is the distinct and familiar aroma of rotting flesh. The adventurers dart around looking for the Nothic while Dawn stands still, apparently having some sort of difficulty in his brain. They spot it, and Euphemia shoots arrows at it, Madislak swings at it with his sword, Nameless dives behind a rock, and the Elf sends a nasty bolt of magic at it lighting up the chasm for a moment. The Nothic vanishes, and after another search, the party continues on, a bit worse for wear. 

They find one of the same rooms they initially found, and Euphemia fades into darkness. She scouts ahead, down the hallway they hadn’t searched yet. She finds a dead end, and heads back out to re-search the other areas. In the meantime, Dawn has found his way down the same hallway to the same dead end. He, on the other hand, has more luck pushing against the stone, and a door opens. All but Euphemia walk into a large room with several doors leading in various directions.



Madislak charges forward and opens a door, finds a hallway, and then goes to another door. Eventually he finds stairs leading up. All follow and they discover a burned out, ruined mansion with nothing of any value or interest above. They come back down, and Euphemia, by this time, has made her way back to the large room. They all file out into the original hallway Madislak found. 


Trapped Hall

Madislak and Euphemia suddenly find themselves bruised and a little broken at the bottom of a pit. Nameless manages to avoid falling through the hole just barely by clinging to the side of the floor. After some foolishness with an unnecessary rope, Madislak, Euphemia, and the others make their way to the end of the hallway. 


Tresendar Crypts

The door at the hall’s end leads to another room. There are four sarcophagi here with skeletons in armor standing next to them. Euphemia wastes no time when she sees another door and head straight for it. And the skeletons come to life and hack at her. A frenzy of battle ensues. Dawn cleaves two skeletons into dust, and Madislak kills the third by shooting his arrow at its skull which is pinned to the stone wall behind it. The last skeleton, the one that has been attacking Euphemia, Nameless does in. After surveying their bruised, slashed, broken and rotting bodies, they decide it’s best to stay here for the time being. At least until they can heal up or find their dwarf healer again.


  • It’s Lost Mine of Phandelver.
  • That bridge is the one that dropped under Euphemia earlier.
  • I didn’t think that Thorudin was here for this session.
  • I’d appreciate some more detail, especially in the last part of the log.
Mine of Phandelver, Session 3

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Mine of Phandelver, Session 3
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