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New or changed information is in underline. Recently redacted material is in strikethrough.

Although the site is beginning to get fleshed out, there are still several things it needs. Players who contribute any of these items will be compensated.

  • Welcome text: I've posted the out-of-game history of our campaign, but that is perhaps not the best—or at least  the only—information that should be on the Front Page. Please feel free to add something pithy and welcoming for visitors (including future players) to our campaign site. Check out other campaigns here (including my own SyDarkSun) for ideas.
  • Banner: I've slapped something together, but a professional-looking banner for the campaign would be a big bonus.
  • Tagline: What's our slogan? What's the tagline for the campaign?
  • Name: I chose SyFaeRûn as kind of a tongue-in-cheek reference to SyDarkSun, but a better name would be…better (though I'm starting to get attached to it). Does our party have a name?
  • Adventure Logs: We always need those. In particular, we need them for the first two sessions.
  • Anything else that you think would improve the site! If we do a good enough job, maybe we can become a Campaign of the Month!

DM Wish List

Given that he never planned to run 5th Edition D&D, let alone Forgotten Realms, your friendly neighborhood Dungeon Master finds himself woefully short on materials for this game. Therefore, you are cordially invited to remedy this problem, by buying him any of the following materials:

All of the above items are on my Gaming Stuff wish list on Amazon. As above, any player who donates any of these items to the campaign will receive in-game compensation. Pirated PDFs do not count!! 

There is one additional item: The next adventure I'd like to run (I'd like to have it before this adventure ends, for hopefully obvious reasons). That is Storm King's Thunder from Roll20. I only want the Roll20 version (well, if you also gave me the hardcover edition, that would be fantastic, because I prefer to read on paper, but I need the Roll20 edition more). Yes, it's $50. But it's necessary in order to run the module through Roll20.

Contributions Needed

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