Nonhuman Deities

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Nonhuman races often have whole pantheons of their own. Besides Moradin, for example, the dwarf gods include Moradin’s wife, Berronar Truesilver, and a number of other gods thought to be their children and grandchildren: Abbathor, Clangeddin Silverbeard, Dugmaren Brightmantle, Dumathoin, Gorm Gulthyn, Haela Brightaxe, Marthammor Duin, Sharindlar, Thard Harr, and Vergadain. Individual Clans and kingdoms of dwarves might revere some, all, or none of these deities, and some have other gods unknown (or known by other names) to outsiders.

Your character has probably heard of most of the deities listed below, though he likely knows no more than what is listed here about most of them. Only members of the listed race are likely to know most of the details described under the links.

Deity Alignment Suggested Domains Symbol
Bahamut, dragon god of good LG Life, War Dragon’s head in profile
Blibdoolpoolp, kuo-toa goddess NE Death Lobster head or black pearl
Corellon Larethian, elf deity of art and magic CG Light Quarter moon or starburst
Deep Sashelas, elf god of the sea CG Nature, Tempest Dolphin
Eadro, merfolk deity of the sea N Nature, Tempest Spiral design
Garl Glittergold, gnome god of trickery and wiles LG Trickery Gold nugget
Grolantor, hill giant god of war CE War Wooden club
Gruumsh, orc god of storms and war CE Tempest, War Unblinking eye
Hruggek, bugbear god of violence CE War Morningstar
Kurtulmak, kobold god of war and mining LE War Gnome skull
Laogzed, troglodyte god of hunger CE Death Image of the lizard/toad god
Lolth, drow goddess of spiders CE Trickery Spider
Maglubiyet, goblinoid god of war LE War Bloody axe
Moradin, dwarf god of creation LG Knowledge Hammer and anvil
Rillifane Rallathil, wood elf god of nature CG Nature Oak
Sehanine Moonbow, elf goddess of the moon CG Knowledge Crescent moon
Sekolah, sahuagin god of the hunt LE Nature, Tempest Shark
Semuanya, lizardtolk deity of survival N Life Egg
Skerrit, centaur and satyr god of nature N Nature Oak growing from acorn
Skoraeus Stonebones, god of stone giants and art N Knowledge Stalactite
Surtur, god of fire giants and craft LE Knowledge, War Flaming sword
Thrym, god of frost giants and strength CE War White double-bladed axe
Tiamat, dragon goddess of evil LE Trickery Dragon head with five claw marks
Yondalla, halfling goddess of fertility and protection LG Life Shield

Nonhuman Deities

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