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(Players: Please don't edit this particular page. It is very carefully formatted.)

Session Log Creation Guide


  • Session logs should be posted under the Adventure Log tab.
  • The campaign is broken up into individual adventures. The session log should be named “Adventure Name, Session #,” with “#,” of course, replaced by the session number within that adventure. Your DM has this info, if you don’t know it.
  • The “Post Time” of the log should be the date (and time) of the session, not the date on which you post the log. Sometimes, the DM will create the log post in advance of the session. Use that one, and change the date and time if necessary.
  • List all characters present at the session, along with who played them, at the beginning of the log. This is how the DM determines who gets rewards for the session. There’s a handy pre-formatted table in the Adventure Log Template.
  • In the “Subtitle” field, enter a pithy one-line summary of the session's activities.
  • The Adventure Log section is for session logs only. Anything else should go on a wiki page. Feel free to create one (and link to it in the adventure log) if you need to.
  • Edit your posts. This is for posterity; look it over to ensure that it looks good and says what you want it to say. On that note, any player can edit these, so if you see a grammatical, spelling or other error, please correct it.
  • When you're done, click "Email All" under Email Notifications at the bottom of the page before you click Save, so that everyone is notified that a new log has been posted.
  • Lost Mine of Phandelver, Session 1 is an example of what a properly-done log looks like. Also, there is a log template available.

Tips & Suggestions

  • In the campaign date section of the header table, enter the campaign date (and time, if known) that the session began on. If you need help determining it, ask the DM.
  • All players (not just the log keeper) should feel free—and in fact are strongly enouraged—to add any information that other characters don’t know as a “Player Secret” to the session log. You can choose which players can and can’t see anything in a “Player Secret.” 
  • At the bottom of the log, it would be a good idea to put whatever rewards (money, magic items, etc.) the characters earned during the session. This may prove valuable in the future. All players who were present can participate in inputting this information.
  • The Mac/PC is not a typewriter. Use single spaces between sentences unless you’re using a monospaced font.
  • Use slugs for character names. Type the character's short name in double brackets with a colon in front, like so:
  • The above method will return the character's full name: Gundren Rockseeker. If you want to link to a character but display something other than his full name, use a vertical bar, like so:
    , which results in Gundren.
  • Wiki pages and adventure logs can be linked to as well. Unfortunately, Obsidian Portal's new WYSIWYG editor does not have any kind of automatic function for inserting character, Wiki page, or adventure log links. Therefore, you'll have to go to that page, discover its name, and insert it in double square brackets, as in
    [[Main Page]]
    . If that's more trouble than it's worth, post about it on the Forum, and we'll consider changing the editor from the WYSIWYG editor (CKEditor) back to Textile. The DM is perfectly comfortable using Textile.
  • To insert a horizontal line to separate sections, just use the Horizontal Line button: ..

Adventure Log guide

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