General Rules

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New or changed information is in underline. Recently redacted material is in strikethrough.

Below are the rules and guidelines for this game. Players are expected to be aware of this information.


All Wiki posts should be tagged. Official information that all players should be aware of is tagged Admin. Pages that have useful information but are not required reading are tagged Info. Players may use tags of their own choosing on pages they create, but try to use existing ones if they apply. To see all tags, click on any tag at the top of a page.

Adventure Logs

Adventure logs are a crucial part of the campaign. The Dungeon Master needs them to inform creation of the next session, new players can use them to catch up on past events, and everyone can use them to refresh their memories as to what has happened in previous sessions. In addition, they form a permanent record of the campaign, and provide concrete evidence of the party's history and activities. 

Therefore, the next game session will not be scheduled until properly-formatted Adventure Logs have been posted and approved by the DM for all previous sessions. This requirement will only be waived in extenuating circumstances (such as back-to-back gaming sessions). Players should coordinate log-writing responsibilities in the Forum.

Official Info

Players are responsible for all official information posted on this wiki. Official information is tagged Official. What this means is that the DM will assume that all players have read everything tagged “Official.” Pages that have useful information but are not required reading are tagged Info. Obsidian Portal will inform players of new and updated articles via email.

House Rules

The only house rules are those posted to the house rules section of this wiki by the DM. If there is no house rule on a given subject, the RAW apply. This is to make sure everyone’s on the same page as to what the rules are.

This does not in any way inhibit the DM’s ability to make rulings, or to ignore rules entirely, in-game. But unless a house rule has been officially posted, any rulings only apply to that session.

Allowed Sources

Following is a list of all the sourcebooks and other materials allowed in this campaign. Except for rules marked as ‘optional,’ all rules in these sources apply unless overridden by a house rule.

  • Starter Set Rulebook (included with the D&D Starter Set; an abbreviated version of the Basic Rules)
  • Basic Rules (a free, abbreviated version of the Player's Handbook)
  • Player's Handbook

Dragon+ magazine doesn't seem to have released any new rules material yet, but if they do, it will be allowed on a case-by-case basis upon review and approval by the DM.

Other Sources

In order to use rules in the game from sources other than those listed above two criteria must be met: First, the DM has to approve the rule in question. Second, the DM must own the source. Rules in official D&D 5th Edition sourcebooks are pre-approved. Rules from third-party sources must be approved by the DM before they will take effect in the game. Only legitimate copies in good condition (used is fine) count.

Yes, this is a blatant effort by the DM to get people to buy him sourcebooks. But it’s not simple greed; it’s important that I actually own a copy of all the rules that we’re using, and I far prefer to have a nice copy of a rulebook to refer to.


All official errata will be used.

General Rules

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